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6 July 2018
Bharat Thapa
Lomanthan village of Mustang trek 2018 - himal eco treks

Best trekking destination for Monsoon in Nepal

Monsoon season is not so recommended for trekking in Nepal because at this point of time the trekking trail is wet which makes the path slippery therefore trekking can be prone to accidents. Even the weather is cloudy and gloomy which makes the vision unclear. The season records most of
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5 June 2018
Bharat Thapa
top five reasons to opt for Annapurna base camp - himal eco treks

Top Five Treks to opt for in Annapurna region

Annapurna region of Nepal is one of the most pleasing places to be at for a vacation. Its accessibility, lush and pristine environment, lakes, mountains and other different attributes of Mother Nature makes it one of the best touristic destinations around the globe. Not only that, charming villages, people, forests,
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24 May 2018
Bharat Thapa
why you should visit everest base camp - himal eco treks

Top 7 reasons to visit Everest Base Camp

For anyone who is willing to travel to Everest Base Camp, you might already be aware of the facts why you should visit Everest Base Camp. The fore and foremost reason can be the charm of Mt. Everest and glory of being there in the top of the world. The
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20 May 2018
Bharat Thapa
Rara lake blog - himal eco treks

Rara Lake – A surreal beauty of nature

The flawless beauty of Rara Lake has a positive aura that can bring any wandering soul in peace. The lake is not only the largest lake in Nepal but a perfect destination to be at. The remote off beaten trekking trail takes you amidst the forests to the serene and
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