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Tented and Camping Trekking

If you are a real nature lover and adventure seeker, then tented and camping trekking is probably your first and only option for trekking. Tented and camping trekking dates back to the initial days of trekking in Nepal where there used to be no infrastructures like roads, guesthouses, and teahouses on the way to the trekking destinations. Trekkers used to stay at the tented camps and lit the fire to cook the food on their own. It used to be a classic experience where the trekkers wouldn’t have to depend upon the vehicles and guesthouses for the trekking experience. They used to be on their own. But these days due to the construction of guesthouses, roadways and other facilities, teahouse trekking has become more popular as it is easy and cheap to opt for it. However, the experience of tented and camping trekking is very different from the teahouse trekking.Nowadays, tented and camping trekking is viable only in the off-beaten routes and less crowded areas. Though the tented and camping treks can be conducted on any journey to different regions of Nepal, the charm of tented and camping trekking gets lost in the crowded routes. While on tented and camping trekking, one can get the real taste of mother nature, mountains, and wilderness. Spending some quality time in the pristine environment with fresh air and a serene environment, it’s truly a magical experience that makes your journey an unforgettable one.A tented and camping trekking is a fully organized trekking program that comprises of a trekking guide, cook, assistant guys, porters, kitchen boys, and camp helpers. Additional porters are required to carry all the stuff from tents to cooking items and other luggage. A cook plays a vital role in making your trip special. The delicious food prepared by the cook helps you and the entire team to energize themselves for the journey ahead.Himal Eco Treks is a team of experts who have organized various tented and camping treks to different corners of Nepal. We are well planned and organized when it comes to camping trekking. Our trekking guide, porter and an experienced cook sum up to make a wonderful team to offer you a memorable tented and camping vacation. During the camping trekking, we ensure that fresh and healthy food is served to you. From well-organized tented camps, foods and camping equipment, we take care of everything. You can just relax and have a wonderful time amidst the glories of mother nature and Himalayas.We have various options when it comes to tented and camping trekking like Ganesh Himal Trek, Panchpokhari Trek, Rolwaling Valley Trek, etc. at your option. However, we can customize teahouse trekking as tented and camping trekking at your request. Please go through the tented and camping trekking section on our website for more details and options on tented and camping trekking.