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We would like to alert you with few things that you should keep in mind before you book your trip with any travel companies in Nepal. Here are the safety alerts:

  1. Is the company legally registered in Nepal as per the Companies Act, 2063?
  2. In Nepal, any trekking company should obtain a license from Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal prior to its operation. Therefore, has the company you are dealing with obtained the license?
  3. A permission from Mountaineering Association of Nepal is also essential for conducting any trekking in Nepal. Therefore, has the company been permitted?
  4. Is the company fulfilling its obligation to Nepal government by paying tax in time? Has it obtained tax clearance certificate for previous fiscal year?
  5. To deal with foreign currency, the company should obtain license from the central bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bank). Has the company obtained the license? Is it eligible to deal in foreign currency?
  6. Does the company has positive attitude towards corporate social responsibility?
  7. What is the company’s view towards environment conservation? Is it environment friendly?

In past, we have heard many news of tourists booking trip with fraudulent travel agencies who do not even exist. These fraudulent activities has given few bad experiences to few travellers who wished to have a memorable journey. Therefore, we would like you to be aware of these kind of issues and inquire if the company has obtained all the license and permission from concerned authority prior to its operation.

Some of the important documents that any travel company requires for its operation are:

  1. Company incorporation certificate
  2. A valid license from various governing bodies like Nepal Tourism Board, Trekkers Association in Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association,
  3. A license from Nepal Rastra Bank to deal with foreign currency, etc.