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NepalOnce is not Enough

Lying on the lap of Himalayas, Nepal is a country of wonders. Owing to its natural and cultural richness, the beauty that this land beholds is beyond any words of description. The dense forests, hills, fast flowing rivers, serene ponds, waterfalls, and above all the dominating mighty mountains,sky Nepal has a divine beauty that has alluded the hearts of million travelers worldwide. Besides, the unique Hindu and Buddhist culture that is prevalent here adds to the glory of this place. The artistic wooden carved pillars, windows, and pagoda-style temples are magnificent. Likewise, monasteries and stupas flattered with the prayer flags are captivating.

Hilly region is the middle part if the country. This region is neither cold nor hot. This region has got high and low plains both. In this region people from different dynasties like Aryan, Chettri, Newar, etc reside here. Most of the people in this region are educated. Likewise, this region also has got their own culture, tradition, and religion. However, due to the comfortable weather, they don’t have to wear thick clothes.
Terai region lies in the lower part of the country. The weather in this region is very hot. This region has got plain surfaces, unlike hilly region. People of different dynasties like Chaudhary, Tharu, Yadav, etc. reside here. similarly, due to the difference in the people who reside there, they also have their own culture, tradition, and religion.Due to the hot weather, they prefer to wear softer clothes compare to the people living in the hilly region.

If you want to know more about Nepal, here are the details:

Area: 147,181 sg.km
Population: 29.8 Million
Capital: Kathmandu
Geographical location: landlocked country with India in east, south and west and china in north
National Language: Nepali
Religion: Secular state (Hinduism is most prevalent)
Currency: Nepalese currency(N.P.R.)
Internet domain: .np
International dialing code: +977

Some specialties that Nepal possess that every travel lover should know are:

Nepal consists of 10 UNESCO listed heritage sites.
Nepal has eight out of the ten highest peaks in the world.
Pokhara city is the highly recommended touristic place in Nepal
You can enjoy adventure activities like bungee jumping, zip flyer, paragliding, and many more
Nepal has dense forests suitable for jungle safari where you can encounter numerous rare birds and animals in their natural habitat.
Lumbini, the birthplace of Nepal lies here!


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