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3 day hike to Sundarijal, Chisapani and Nagarkot
Bharat Thapa | December 18, 2017

Sundarijal Chisapani Nagakot hjike

I was excited for the day as I was going for a hike after such a long and hectic schedule. It had been long since I had been able to free myself within the lush of quaint and peaceful nature. Therefore, while I got a short break from my schedule, I decided to opt for Shivapuri Chisapani & Nagarkot Hike. At first I contacted Himal Eco Treks and told them about my requirement and preferences. They suggested me with three days Shivapuri Chisapani & Nagarkot Hike. This hiking package absolutely met my requirements – first it was just a three days long hike and second the destinations in the hiking journey were near the capital city of Kathmandu. It seemed like a wonderful combination of forest walk, village walk, hills and mountains.

Day 1, It was around 8:00 am in the morning and I had just had my breakfast when a member from Himal Eco Treks picked me up for my journey head. I asked them where we were heading to and came to know that we were driving towards Sundarijal. At first, the traffic in Kathmandu seemed to be a bit crowded but then as we drove ahead, I could see changes in the surrounding, the lush farmland, houses with a quick peek of mountains somewhere in between the ride. Upon arrival at Sundarijal, we warmed up ourselves around for a while and started walking up through stone paved staircases.

We passed a damp site, river and continued our walk up through the staircases. After walking for a while, we entered Shivapuri National Park and took permits to enter inside the park. As we moved ahead with our trail, we passed trees, forests along a lush environment which was so quiet and blissful. Even the temperature was charming but the staircases; at a point, I found them quite tiring. Though tiring, the bliss of nature was enough to keep me going. As the staircases ended, I found myself walking through a well paved mudded path. We stopped somewhere in between for lunch and continued our hiking along a lush environment. The greenery around; I found them quite appealing.

After walking for few hours, we opened to a beautiful view of mountains and it was awesome. From that point, the views of chain of mountains were always on my sight. Then I found myself gradually descending down through a well paved path and lush landscape with outstanding close of views of mountains on my left. It was hard to explain how excited I was and how overwhelming it was to be so close to the mountains. I felt as if I were blessed with the beauty of Mother Nature. I along with my company from Himal Eco Treks walked for few hours until we reached Chisapani. At Chisapani, we stopped at a guesthouse for overnight stay.

Day 2 was a surprise for me. As I woke up and walked around on my own, the clear views of the mountains made my day. The mountains seemed to be so close and I could feel the cold mild breeze from them. I had my breakfast and set out for hiking today. My travel companion from Himal Eco Treks informed me that we had to walk through dense forests today. Therefore, I was ready for my adventure. I bid a goodbye to Chisapani beholding the perfect views of mountains and started my journey towards Nagarkot.

The first part of journey was literally through the forests! The wide path slowly turned narrow with greenery all around. The ferns, the mosses, birds chirping, trees dancing, I could feel a different life in there. The walk through forests ended at an army camp from where we took a path that led us to lush and charming villages. The small houses, pleasing sunshine and lush hills were a lovely combination. The walking hours for the day was quite longer than the walk a day earlier but the path was quite easy than those never ending staircases, a day earlier.

After leaving Chisapani, I couldn’t see mountains anywhere in between until I reached Nagarkot. But the views of mountains from Nagarkot were beyond any words of explanation; it was awesome; beyond awesome! As I was tired, I decided to wander around the next day and checked in to my hotel for overnight stay.

The very next day i.e. Day 3 – As I opened the curtains of the room, I could see the mountains right before my eyes and it was fantastic! I went to the terrace of the hotel from where I got some mesmerizing and more awesome views of mountains. I hurried to the view tower in Nagarkot with my travel companion from Himal Eco Treks. The sunrise view from the view tower was beautiful and eye catching. The peace of mind that I got there was invaluable. After exploring the areas for some time and after beholding the sight of mountains, I returned back to my hotel for breakfast and got ready to head back to Nagarkot. Within few hours, I found myself in the chaotic streets of Kathmandu again.

My three days hike to Sundarijal, Chisapani and Nagarkot was a wonderful experience. More wonderful was the companionship of Himal Eco Treks. I convey my regards and am heartily thankful to Himal Eco Treks for referring me the package and being such a blissful company throughout the journey.

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